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3160 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110
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1298 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
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887 San Mateo Avenue San Bruno, CA 94066 US
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Customers Love Moe’s Tires

Great service! Just brought in a set of tires I bought online to Moes tires and they had it installed right away for a good price. Tire size was 215/45r17. These are low profile tires and the technician was quick on install and balancing the tires.
Jason L.

San Francisco, CA

Saved by Moe! Went out for dinner and a movie with a girlfriend, my tire was almost flat after dinner. Called 7 tire stores on a Saturday night – no one home. But the night was saved by Moe The Man. No movie but my tire is all fixed. Thanks! Useful Funny Cool.
Carolyn B.

South San Francisco, CA

Amazing customer service, emergency flat tire fixed on the spot. A little wait but coffee is ready so relax and get caught up on email and know your car is in amazing hands. Moe, Jose will ensure you are good! Checked my other tires, fixed my flat and ensured all tires full of air. I know where I will buy my tires, breaks, alignment and simple oil changes.
Xavier B.

San Bruno, CA

Good Tire shop. Jose has been a good tire repairman .He takes pride in his work and does a good job.He needs to get a pay raise for the outstanding and hard work he is doing for his customers .He was open late to help me out when i had a flat tire and bent rim .He also checked all my tires to check air pressure and got me going on the Road .Five stars to him Keep up the Good work.
Micky P.

Hillsborough, CA

All these reviews are soo well deserved!! Popped two of my tires (I know hard to believe) after work and as stranded. I was thinking I was going to need a tow truck and then to wait until the morning to get any service. I was about a mile away from moe’s and I called them. They drove to me, removed my tires, took me to their shop, and reinstalled the tires on my car!!! I didn’t have to get a tow truck or anything. It was amazing customer service. I will never go anywhere else for tires! Also super cheap and fast.
Jennifer A.

San Francisco, CA

I work a lot so dont have much free time. Recently ran over a nail and figured id have some time today after my appointment to have it fixed. 530 and nearby tireshops (which close at 6) turned me away because they were too busy or about to close. On my way home i noticed this place and instantly turned into the garage hoping they would fix it for me. Lucky me, they did. Pretty good customer service. Will definitely do business here again. Wasnt sure of the mechanics name but his shirt said jose? Great guy thanks again!
Kris E.

Daly City, CA

Moe’s Tires are the best at what they do. They have a variety of used tires in stock! After calling 28 different shops around SF, trying to find something closer, no one had my size, so I started calling around South SF, & Moes said “no problem, come on in”. I explained my situation & limited funds & they worked with me! Someone had slashed my tires. Had to wait an hour or so because they were busy, but it’s the holiday weekend, so that’s to be expected. There’s a little waiting area with chairs, so you don’t have to stand around. If you’re on a tight budget, used tires are the best way to go & they have a wider variety than most places!

South San Francisco, CA

Place was open late on a day I desperately needed tire help. Came in for a flat repair, and Moe gave me options even at a time when they were going to close. Once up on the rack, though it was bad news as the tire couldn’t be repaired due to bad wear on the inside. Moe and team suggested a new set of four as with AWD I couldn’t get just one. He softened the blow by having affordable quality tires mounted, balanced late into the evening. I couldn’t afford to wait for a few days and Moe’s Tires worked out great. Good price, good conversation, and better service. Locally they get my approval. He even suggested an alignment place down the street which gives a break when you mention Moe’s name.
Shoeb S.

Pacifica, CA

Let me start off by saying I wish I could give them 10 stars, I came here after popping and bending two tires and rims. I went to Wheelworks and of course i needed all new tires and a new set of rims about $2200. I found Moe’s tires by the grace of God dropped my car off that day during lunch and picked it up within 2-3 hrs after work. They fixed my rims and replaced a tire( even matched the brand with my other tires) cant ask for anymore. Oh and all that for nowhere near the quoted price from Wheelworks! I will only be doing business with them from now on, and recommending them to everyone I know. Jose was super friendly, knowledgeable, and the woman in the office was super nice too! Ladies go there for your car/tire needs, no games, no tricks, no ripping off, great, fast, and honest service! I will be back!
Doms W.

San Francisco, CA

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